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Amnesia of Prelife and Afterlife.™

I've Seen Past Lives

In 2015 I was investigating Scientology. I took some introductory courses and self-help programs... then I got the opportunity to be privately counseled. They call it auditing, and it looks into your past for negative incidents that may have left negative concepts imprinted on the mind. Like sticking your hand into a fire, that negative memory protects you from doing it again. But auditing looks for horrible experiences that may have left side-effects that hamper current behavior in unrelated events.

It was very useful. But something lingered. Something haunted me that motivated me and drove me to be who I am. A negative stigma that I was fighting against to become who I should really be.

There is a lot more I can explain, but the most important reward of finding my negative stigma was realizing it started in the 1700s when I was a British aristocrat. I wanted to be a musician but was squashed by my peers and advisor with insults related to the current view of most musicians being like today's rap artists.

This squashing of my artistic talent was continued in subsequent lives and I was born into a family, during my current lifetime in which my brothers do not support or encourage my music. My mother and father have not read my books or even listened to my released albums.

But somehow, in this lifetime, I broke through. The stories of my artistic life are the expressions of my defiance of my parents, peers, and society. Although I have never supported myself as an artist, I have accomplished all my goals as a musician.

I became a MASTER SINGER in the early 1970s recording my first album, Bonita, in 1974. Great vocals!

I became a MASTER BASSIST by 1980 fronting the punk rock group, The Rich, as singer/bass guitarist.

I became a MASTER SONGWRITER by 1984 with my rock opera Coyote In A Graveyard. This also represented me as a MASTER MUSIC PERFORMER after performing concerts since 1967.

I became a MASTER ELECTRIC GUITARIST by 1989 with the band Coyote Graveyard, which I fronted on guitar.

I became a MASTER ACOUSTIC GUITARIST by 1994 with the release of the second American Zen album, LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer.

I also became a MASTER FLUTE PLAYER by 1994 with the release of the Christ Killer album.

I became a MASTER PERCUSSIONIST also by 1994, but had not owned a drum set yet.

I became a MASTER DRUMMER in 2010 with the release of LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy Part 1: King Solomon's Temple. This was after 3 years of playing drums daily.

I became a MASTER RECORDING ENGINEER in 1974 while working the 4-track studio, Bonita Studio. I went on to record in many 24-track studios after that.

I became a MASTER RECORD PRODUCER also in 1974 while producing mariachi albums and country-western albums at Bonita Studio.

I became a MASTER RECORDING STUDIO DESIGNER with the design of Future Disk Mastering Labs in 1981. I drew the blueprints and built two studios for them as the contractor.

So, during this one lifetime I have accomplished an infinite amount of artistic talents and creativity. All that I sought in my past lifetimes has been accomplished.

My goals went far beyond my talented musicianship by creating products and songs to enlighten, entertain and improve the world.

I enjoy music more than anyone I know. Mostly, I enjoy putting on my headphones at night and listening to my own recorded albums more than I enjoy listening to anyone else's albums. Even my current passions for Led Zepellin are satisfied by my hard rock on LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me. My love for Jimi Hendrix has been satisfied by songs like, "Dizzy, My Toxic Daughter."

The only music accomplishment remaining in this lifetime is to compose and conduct a 50-piece or more orchestra.

I don't need to to come back another lifetime to accomplish this though. As American Zen, with modern recording equipment, I have been able to be the entire band or orchestra--all by myself.

I am thoroughly satisfied with my musical accomplishments of this lifetime. I look forward to creating more music and songs with the life that remains. But I could die now a satisfied musician. I have finally accomplished what I have sought to achieve for 300 years.



Everything makes sense.

I am satisfied.

Richard Del Connor, Richard O'Connor, The Hippy Coyote, Buddha Zhen, Tom Calder, Rory G, Steve Hixon, Don delaVega, the "Kung Fu Cowboy" (All are me.)


Kung Fu Cowboy MOVIE


This NEW original screenplay by Scott Karahadian and Richard Del Connor includes the dissolution of Coyote's family and closing his Kung Fu School in La Crescenta. Homeless, Coyote is a stung by a scorpion in the neck near the Mexican Border.

So far, true story. Scott then weaves a new story about Coyote's new supernatural Kung Fu powers and becoming a vigilante.Filming at Knotts Berry Farm

"I was going to put Coyote's black widow bite into the story," explains director Scott Karahadian, "but then just two weeks after we signed our production deal Coyote got stung by that scorpion."

Much to everyone's surprise, Coyote decided to give up his bald head and grow his hair back. But now it's WHITE. More like a silver. We're excited to see what it looks like when it grows out...



This is the 4th LEVEL of Zen Buddhism and the 4th album by American Zen that details this spiritual journey.

Follow Coyote's travels at his current website,

He'll back here, after the album is done to record some music videos for this new album titled, KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 will tell the story of King Solomon constructing his Temple in Jerusulem.

Enlightenment awaits you.

Powers Of Life

I wrote a song the other day.

I've been trying really hard not to write any songs for the past year.

Usually, I use my music and poetry to sort out my mind and reorganize my emotions into memories...

The first song, written by me since, "Time To Go Home," and "Montrose Cuckold," at the end of the summer of 2008. So, two years I've been avoiding writing any music.

A week ago I wrote my first song in two years, "Crossroads Of Life."

Then, a couple days ago, "Monkeys In Cars." I was concerned I might piss most people off. My daughter liked the lyrics. I haven't played her the rough draft of the song yet.

Problem is, I'm up here in LEVEL 4. Only a couple of students have caught up to here, or at least begun the Kung Fu LEVEL part. So I'm not alone any more.

But it's like visiting a preschool. These kids can't drive cars...but in a few years...



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