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   Amnesia of Prelife and Afterlife.™

Evil Story #1


I've told a few. But, only a few.

I probably told a couple during the 1990s, but the last lie I remember was in 1988. I was working as the Director of Photography for Jiri Weiss, who taught the Master Directing Class at UCLA, in the Motion Picture Program.

Coyote with pupI'd been a student of the UCLA Motion Picture Program since 1985 and was now being employed by UCLA to assist the teachers, rent the camera equipment, and drive the trucks of movie equipment from UCLA to locations...

Jiri Weiss, who directed many award winning movies, recognized my acting talents as well as writing me a letter of recommendation as one of "the best handheld cameramen" he'd worked with in forty years.

He wanted me to be an actor and sent me on an audition for a movie similar to DIE HARD, starring Bruce Willis. They wanted someone like Bruce, but he had to be a heavy drinker too. So Jiri set up my audition with the producers and movie director of this upcoming movie and told me to bring a wine bottle prop with me.

I took the wine bottle with me to the audition that morning. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I had a REAL HANGOVER that morning. As you probably know, I've never been a boozer or drinker of liquor beyond some occasional social events--so a hangover was unusual and unique to me. Still, I made it to the audition...BUT, at the last second, in my heavy-headed state, I decided to leave that wine bottle in the car.

I did my audition. It probably wasn't very good. I probably really looked and sounded and acted like Bruce Willis, without trying...but I still didn't get the part.

My lie came next: When I next saw Jiri Weiss, I was working for his private acting classes he taught at his Hollywood Hills mansion home. He asked me how the audition went. I don't recall what I said, but then he asked me, "Did you take the bottle like I told you to?"

I lied: I told him, "Yes."

That one word still haunts me today in 2010.