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   Amnesia of Prelife and Afterlife.™


Evil Album #1

Who is that unmasked man?

CD imprint of indie label SHAOLIN RECORDS

spacer LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
music album by American Zen

Starting from scratch in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Coyote fights and claws through the Mormon 1990s.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints boycotts Coyote. Contracts are severed from Church, business, or prison pressures...

Mormons work hard to chase Coyote back to Utah with his hippie Shaolin Zen Buddhist religion.

Coyote's struggle for PEACE OF MIND is a painful story of 11 songs and 11 poems recorded on Coyote's 4-track Tascam recorder in his living room.

Start your Buddhist journey here, and travel along with Coyote as he begins his journey to Nirvana, by first seeking some peace of mind.

Music Samples:
     "Black Of Night"
     "All Screwed Up"
     "A Long Way Home"

Poetry Samples:
     "The Teacher Was He"

     "My Woman Is My Wife"


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