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   Amnesia of Prelife and Afterlife.™


Album of Evil #2


Inside CD Cover folded open from Christ Killer

  LEVEL 2 = Christ Killer
music album by American Zen

2nd album of American Zen's Buddhist odyssey to Nirvana, takes place in Utah.

The second level of spiritual development is full of sharks, "Christ Killers." The newcomers are the most fervent and ferocious believers. "Choose us or die!"

Christ made the mistake of kicking the sharks in their own frontyard. Religion is like football. Christ's team didn't have a chance.

The Jesus jammies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are depicted here more compassionately than the previous LEVEL 1 album, as Coyote sees the benefits and nature of plural marriage, polygamy and pioneer religion.

Take a look at a very successful religion that controls millions of people and billions of dollars.

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Music samples:
     music sample 1:  "Great Salt Lake"
     music sample 2:  "Christ Killer"
     music sample 3:  "The End The Horizon"
     poetry sample:    "Loyalty"


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