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Book of Evil #1

Coyote in wolf's clothing.   Autumn Flavours
poetry book by The Hippy Coyote

First book of poetry by The Hippy Coyote, then known as Richard Connor, during the early seventies, in San Diego, California.

Seeing the world through television, and working as a recording studio engineer, Union Carpenter, or forklift driver.

Interesting odyssey out of the darkness in his mind.

Coyote seeks to understand the evils and suffering of this world. This poetry book was an exorcism and a vicarious glimpse of our modern world, its' mind and heart of evil, suffering, and the basic human existence, including death and suicide.

The next season of poetry is Winter Flowers, which is much brighter, about Coyote's early romances and lust life.

Dark, haunting poetry.

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