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Album of Evil #3

THE RICH performed IN LINE in 1984

CD imprint of indie label Shaolin Records

spacer LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me
music album by American Zen

The third level of Buddhism is love. True love.

I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME, by The Hippy Coyote, is a romantic tale with a new form of poetry, "bass poetry."

Coyote's first album as a drummer is an amazing mix of Irish shuffles like John Lennon and The Beatles, American Blues like Alice Cooper, and British Rock like The Kinks and Rolling Stones.

Music samples:
     "I Want You To Love Me"
     "All Around The World"
     "In Dreams"
     "1,000 Sorrows For A Love"   (bass poetry)
     "Let's Go To Church"     (bass poetry)

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